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The Hitachi Global Foundation


The Kurata Grant is a research fund for the advancement of science and technology in Japan proposed by and established with a donation from the second-generation president of Hitachi, the late Chikara Kurata, in 1967.
The Hitachi Global Foundation supports researchers who engage, in the pursuit of solutions to global social challenges, in creative and pioneering research in the natural sciences and engineering or in the humanities and social sciences research which is related to advanced technological societies.

Research Areas

From 2019 support is available for research in two areas: Natural Sciences and Engineering, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Natural Sciences and Engineering

Creative and pioneering research by young researchers (aged 45 and under) which contributes to the solution of social challenges from an international perspective. Applications can be made in the three categories below and specific examples can be found in the Application Guidelines (separate document). An interdisciplinary research from a natural sciences and engineering perspective in these fields is also eligible.

  • Ⅰ. Energy, Environment
  • Ⅱ. Urban Development, Transportation
  • Ⅲ. Healthcare

(Grant Amount / Number of Grants)
One-Year Research Period: JPY1,000,000 (approx.) per grant / 20-25 grants (approx.)
Two-Year Research Period: JPY3,000,000 (approx.) per grant / 3-4 grants (approx.)
(Research Period / Period of Grant Use)
One or two years, as selected by the applicant at the application stage.

Humanities and Social Sciences (New Category)

Research which analyzes societal transformations brought about by globalization and advances in science and technology and the complex and interconnected issues which form the background of such from a humanities and social sciences perspective (society, culture, literature, history, philosophy, ethics, law, economics, etc.)in the exploration of the meaning and value of the development of science and technology and the forms that society can take. The Application Guidelines provide examples of eligible research.

(Grant Amount / Number of Grants)
JPY800,000-1,000,000 (approx.) / 8-10 grants (approx.)
(Research Period / Period of Grant Use)
One year.

Expenses Covered by Grant

The grant can be used for direct expenses relating to the realization of the research aims. Note, however, that the following expenses are outside the scope of the grant.

  • Indirect expenses for the maintenance of the general research environment of the institution to which the applicant belongs.
  • Personal costs of the principal and collaborating researchers.


A selection committee of outside experts will conduct a review based on the submitted documents.



Application method

Applications can be made online via an open call.
Download the application guidelines and application documents from the relevant web page and make your application using the dedicated application form. Applications sent via post will not be accepted.

[Documents Required for Application]
  • (1) Application form (research plan + research resume)
  • (2) Recommendation
  • (3) Publications as support material for the review process (maximum of three)

[Contact us]

Kurata Grants Office, The Hitachi Global Foundation


Chikara Kurata
Hitachi,Ltd. Second President,
Chikara Kurata

【About the Kurata Grants】

In the early 1950s, Japan was faced with a situation in which Europe and the United States appeared to have overwhelmingly superior technology. At that time, Japan tended to rely on overseas technology in almost every field. President Kurata thought that as soon as possible Japan should promote science and technology that would benefit Japan. He resolved that Japan had to establish its own, world-class technology. This resolution became his lifetime goal. To achieve this goal, he contributed his company retirement allowance to set up the Kurata Grants.